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Retaining walls also create more useful area for everything from patios, paths, and driveways, to roads, parking lots, or any construction that requires a flat surface.  


We offer a variety of products to fit residential and commercial needs.



When you want to add an attractive hardscape your property, look to us for amazing retaining walls.

A retaining wall is a functional and attractive solution to unstable and sloped terrain. They are used to hold back hillsides and help prevent soil erosion and landslides. Our team of skilled and highly trained contractors can give you a retaining wall that looks amazing on your property.

Once you choose F & J Stonewalls you'll never choose another.


 •  Create custom retaining walls

 •  Add curb appeal to your property

 •  Increase property value

 •  Commercial work

 •  Residential work

 •  Patios

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What is the purpose of retaining walls?

What we can do for you:

Adding a retaining wall to your property boosts curb appeal, as well as increasing the value of

your home or business.


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